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King's Swords Fencing Club

We meet on Saturdays during Term Time

Why compete?

There are few better ways to test and to improve your fencing skills than to take part in one of the many competitions on offer across the foil, epee and sabre weapons. It’s different to fencing at the club and it allows you to try your best against fencers from across the country with different skills and techniques. 

When should I start?
It's not an exact science and everyone will vary. Generally, competitors will have been attending a club regularly for at least six months and to have had some experience of 'electric' fencing. It can be helpful to enter a first event that doesn't involve too much travel and ideally to be going along with someone else from your club. However, don't hesitate if you feel ready and there's an event in the calendar. If you wait until you think you can win, you will probably have waited too long. Remember while you are practicing and perfecting your skills, there are other fencers out there doing the same thing but getting competition experience at the same time. They might not be winning, but they will be improving much, much faster than by club training alone. Fencing is a duelling sport and the natural context for it is the competition piste. It’s a real milestone to enter an event and a great way to make new and long-lasting friendships.

Finding competitions
Rather frustratingly there is no one place to see the details of all competitions and so see our Upcoming Competitions page where we’ve done the hard work for you and listed all competitions in the current term. 

Once you find a competition which you would like to enter please refer to one of the following links to book and pay for your entry.

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