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King's Swords Fencing Club

We meet on Saturdays during Term Time

Improver / Advanced Fencing

King’s Swords Fencing Club offers Improver/Advanced classes for children aged 10-years+ in all three fencing weapons - Foil, Epee and Sabre. This class is ideal for anyone graduating from our Beginner * class, those who have moved beyond the basics and who class themselves as experienced or advanced fencers, older children, or those who are competing regularly

Using metal weapons the aim of the class is to build upon the foundations which our students have already developed and to hone them into excellent fencers. Through a structured programme which incorporates conditioning, agility, footwork, and sword-play our students will increase their skills and develop the techniques required to become first-class fencers whilst working through the British Fencing Association accredited fencing syllabus.

During each lesson improver/advanced students will be expected to warm themselves up or to join in a collective warm up session, focus on a specific skill, technique or learning point, and then practice that with a partner of comparable experience, age or stature. Each session finishes with free-play fencing in which students can put their skills to the test against other opponents. There is a greater emphasis on the fighting element of fencing and, for those students who wish to participate in competitions, plenty of time on the piste with electric fencing boxes. 

* When moving up from the Beginner class students will graduate based upon their age and / or skill level at the discretion of the coaching staff

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