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King's Swords Fencing Club

We meet on Saturdays during Term Time

Child Protection Policy 

King's Swords Fencing Club has a duty of care for young people and a responsibility to protect them from harm. Every child or young person who participates in fencing at this club should be able to do so in a fun, safe environment and be protected from harm.

King's Swords Fencing Club places the highest priority on their safety and enjoyment and recognises that they have a duty towards children within the sport and any member providing fencing training/opportunities must do so with the highest possible standard of care.

All coaches and other persons dealing with children or vulnerable persons at King's Swords Fencing Club must have a current C.R.B./D.B.S. clearance

Core values


A child is defined as being under the age of 18 years. (The Children Act 1989).

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