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King's Swords Fencing Club

We meet on Saturdays during Term Time

Beginner Fencing

King’s Swords Fencing Club offers Beginner classes for children aged 8-years+ in all three fencing weapons - Foil, Epee and Sabre. This class is ideal for anyone graduating from our Prep Fencing class for 6-8 year-olds, and children aged 8-12 who are new to fencing or with limited fencing experience.

Using metal weapons the aim is to teach our students the basics of fencing. Through a structured programme which incorporates conditioning, agility, footwork, and sword-play our students will increase their skills and develop the techniques required whilst working through the British Fencing Association accredited fencing syllabus.

During each lesson students will normally join in a collective warm up session, focus on a specific skill, technique or learning point, and then practice that with a partner of comparable experience, age or stature. Each session finishes with free-play fencing in which students can put their skills to the test against other opponents.

Students will graduate to our Improver/Advanced class based upon their age and / or skill level at the discretion of the coaching staff

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